YF Life presents My Love Andy Lau World Tour.Hong Kong 2020
<Special Notice on Concert Ticket Refund Arrangements>



Due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, and to protect the health and safety of the audience, the Concert Organizer “Topman Global Limited” announced earlier the cancellation of the twelve (12) concerts scheduled for 15th-18th, 20th-23rd, and 25th-28th February 2020 at the Hong Kong Coliseum. We would like to apologise again to those who purchased tickets in support of Mr. Andy Lau, and thank you all for your patience and understanding.

The refund arrangements are as follows:


A. [Ticket Exchange Registrants] Ticket holders of the seven (7) cancelled shows in 2018/2019 who have registered for ticket exchange for shows on the 15th-18th, and 20th–22nd February 2020:

  1. The Concert Organizer will email a “Concert Ticket Refund Request Form – by Post” to all Ticket Exchange Registrants from 24th February 2020 onwards. Ticket refunds are subject to relevant terms and conditions.
  2. For each Ticket Exchange Registrant’s successful refund request by post, the Concert Organizer will provide a postage subsidy at a standard rate of HK$35 (on a one off basis, regardless of territory and number of tickets per refund request).
  3. Deadline for the refund request by post is 30th April 2020. Requests received after the deadline (based on postmark date) will not be accepted. Please note that refund requests should be sent by registered post or courier (delivery by hand and postage to be paid by the receiver upon receipt will not be accepted).
  4. All successful ticket refunds and postage subsidies will be credited directly to the Ticket Exchange Registrants’ designated valid Hong Kong dollar savings or current bank account registered with a Hong Kong licensed bank on or before 30th June 2020. Requests for refunds in cash or by cheques are not accepted.


B. [Persons with Re-Purchased Tickets] Those who have re-purchased tickets for shows on the 15th -18th, and 20th-22nd February 2020 (re-scheduled shows of the seven (7) cancelled shows in 2018/2019):

  1. Re-Purchased Tickets by Credit Card/ WeChat Pay/Alipay
    All successful refunds will be credited directly to the ticket purchasers’ valid credit card/WeChat Pay/Alipay used for the re-purchase on or before 30th June 2020.
  2. Re-Purchased Tickets by Bank Deposit/Transfer
    The Concert Organizer will contact the relevant parties by email on ticket refund arrangements from 24th February 2020 onwards.


C. [Persons who Purchased Tickets through URBTIX] For shows on the 23rd, 25th-28th Feb, 2020 (5 shows):

  1. For those who purchased tickets by credit card through URBTIX’s website, My URBTIX mobile application or telephone booking, the face value of the purchased ticket(s) ( the handling charges charged by URBTIX are non-refundable) will be refunded via Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited (“Cityline”) directly to the ticket purchasers’ valid credit card used for the purchase on or before 30th June 2020.
  2. In accordance with URBTIX’s terms and conditions, all handling charges paid to URBTIX during purchase are non-refundable. For enquiries, please contact Cityline’s customer service hotline: 852-2314 4228 during office hours (10am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday, including public holidays), or by email to [email protected].


D. [Members who Redeemed Tickets through Asia Miles]

Please refer to Asia Miles’ emails sent earlier to its members in this regard or you may email to [email protected] for any enquiries.


E. [Persons who Purchased Tickets through the Organizer directly- Internal Booking]

The Concert Organizer will contact the relevant parties on ticket refund arrangements.


Please Note:

  1. Only the face value of the ticket(s) in Hong Kong Dollars will be refunded (complimentary tickets, i.e. tickets with a face value of HK$0.0 printed on the ticket, will not be entitled to receive a refund).
  2. The Concert Organizer will examine the authenticity of all returned tickets. Any counterfeit tickets will be reported to the police immediately. The Concert Organizer reserves the right to refuse any refund request if the information on the ticket has been erased or altered, or if the ticket is damaged, defaced or incomplete.
  3. The Concert Organizer may request ticket holders to provide further information before processing any dubious refund requests. All such requests will be processed after 30th June 2020. Any refund requests with incomplete or inaccurate information may require additional processing time.
  4. In case of any dispute, the Concert Organizer reserves the right of final decision.


For enquiries, please call the following enquiry hotlines during office hours from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) or by email to [email protected].

Enquiry Hotlines:
852-2361 6929
852-2361 6708
852-2751 9118


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Topman Global Limited
17th February 2020